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Chungath Jewellery 

What makes our studio more fascinating is that we think in the thoughts of our clients . Here Chungath Jewellery a premium jewellery that has many showrooms all over India and middle east, came to us and told us to have something that promises a real change in the traditional designs. 

We thought and made a few iterations. We were specific to keep the design more chnaged and natural in all aspects. Here we had the thought of some raindrops over a glass and hence the result 

The whole project is at 110000 sq.ft. and embraced with the richness of the ornaments the design speaks for itself . The space itself is a mark that speaks "ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD"

ZXI Interior Decoration keeps everything that makes the clients more happy that not only begins in the initial stage , we plan to keep that happiness moving forward. 

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