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At ZXI Interiors, we understand how imperative it is to develop a retail space that captures the essence of the brand, products, and services that your business or corporation stand for. Many retail outlets such as restaurants, shops, and bespoke boutiques want to establish an atmosphere that has the ability to overall enhance the consumer experience. We use the finest selection of materials and resources that match the design and feel of your brand culminating in a spectacular finish for your retail establishment.

Retail fit-outs need significant planning, design, and implementation that we are committed to providing you with.


Here at ZXI Interior Decoration LLC, we offer a full breadth of services that range from the initial planning of your design to the logistics and planning of appropriate materials. We are pioneers in the conceptualization of projects and can assist you at every stage. Our dedicated 3D design specialists can digitally create a completely unique layout for you from scratch enabling to preview your prospective project.


ZXI  Interiors pride itself in utilizing only the very best materials, sourced from premium markets around the world to give you the best selection and quality for an outstanding final result.

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