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About us

Skills That Make Us The Best Interior Company In Dubai!

ZXi feels proud and elated to introduce itself as one of the top interior companies in Dubai. We are a group of skilled designers striving to serve clients and build the place of their dreams. Although our designs and support are the two primary factors that make us the best, several skills behind our success that helps us do what we do. Our skill set involves every skill that an ideal interior decorator UAE must possess. Some of the numerous skills the ZXi team possesses are:

  • Staying updating with the latest trends

        We understand that trends keep changing and especially in the interior design world. Hence, to avoid serving clients with outdated designs, we stay updated with the latest trends. Trends                  keep changing in a very short time. However, we never fail to update our knowledge about these changing trends.

  • Clear communication

        This is where most companies lack, but not ZXi. We communicate everything necessary without any hesitation or delay. As the best interior design company, we convey our vision to the clients          and practice incredible listening abilities. All the years in the industry have made us realize that lack of communication with clients can eventually result in severe issues. Hence, we patiently              communicate, understand what must be done, make our plan clear to the clients, and then start working to deliver what we are expected to.

  • Creativity

        Creativity is our passion. Our creative mind helps us think out of the box and make the impossible possible in the interior design world. We believe this is the most crucial skill an interior design          company must possess, and the ZXi team is full of such creative minds. We are a team that does not hesitate to work on our creative thinking.

  • Flexibility

        We are not doing a 9 to 5 job, and we understand this well. Flexibility is another skill we find as a crucial skill we possess to excel. We understand that every person has a busy schedule today,          and a project as significant as interior designing a space requires time. Hence, one cannot sit with us until we complete it. Therefore, we work according to your schedule to avoid disturbing              your daily life. Our flexibility is especially advantageous when designing a commercial place as it reduces the downtime of a client’s business.

  • Transforming vision into reality

        This is what our entire job revolves around. Wherever we work, our ultimate aim is to turn the vision of our clients and our team into reality. Drafting plans on paper is easy and beautiful. But, the          real challenges are faced when we start working. However, the ZXi team is skilled enough to solve all these challenges and reach the ultimate goal- making dreams true.

  • Problem-solving

        A task as significant as the interior design will bring some challenges and cannot be a smooth run. It takes a team that patiently solves every issue and overcomes all the obstacles. The ZXi                team has mastered this. As a trusted interior design company in Dubai UAE, with our problem-solving abilities and several years of experience in the industry, we efficiently overcome the                    obstacles and deliver without any delay.