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Exploring the Beauty of Interior Fit out

The expertise of office furniture companies can create the right atmosphere for the space. ZXi Interior Decorations makes an otherwise empty space liveable and adds various elements to bring the area to life.

What are interior fit outs?

The goal of the Interior fit out Dubai is to make the space suitable for professional use. Primarily, this word refers to commercial premises. Therefore, decorating an office is a general word used for an action. In addition, the interior of the office includes office furniture, fabrics, upholstery, elevators, electrical work, partitions, floors, ceilings. Generally everything else adds life to the cosmos. Once the structure is complete, it is up to the office interior design companies to make the space liveable.

What are the different kinds of interior fit out?

Here are different interior Fit outs,

  • Shell and Core Fit: Out If the office structure is complete but lacks power, lighting, heating, plumbing and interior walls, a Shell and Core Fit Out is required.  

  • Cat A Equipment - Cat A covers the installation of electrical outlets, engineering, ceilings, air conditioning, fire protection systems, raised floors, etc. that make the place usable.  

  • Category B installation – Category B installation confuses the process with a restore. This includes the customization and addition of partitions, office spaces, standard rooms, kitchens, reception areas and furniture. The interior design of a category B office makes the space personal for the resident.

What’s the difference between an interior fit-out and a refurbishment?

An interior fit-out is carried out on a new space that’s a blank canvas. Whereas a refurbishment will update an existing space to make it more functional or modern. 

If you have an office with outdated facilities or structural problems, you may need to tear it down to the studs and start over. In this case, interior design is your service.

However, if your facilities are functional but you want an updated look, a refurbishment is a more cost-effective option. 

What’s included in an interior fit-out?

When we do interior design work for our corporate clients, we offer a comprehensive list of services so that each client gets exactly what they are looking for:

  • Strip Outs / Removal

  • Contract Flooring

  • Suspended Ceilings

  • Partitioning

  • Decorating

  • Tiling

  • Hygienic wall cladding

  • Lighting / Electrical works

  • Mechanical / Plumbing

  • Ventilation

  • Fire, data, security

  • Joinery

  • Bespoke cabinetry/furniture

We work closely with our customers to develop designs that not only look amazing, but also perform well now and in the future.


A good interior fit-out can take your business to places. When looking for office interior fit out companies in Dubai, seek the one with ample experience and previous work records. To know how we can transform the interiors at ZXi Interior Decorationsconnect with us now.


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