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Unique Ideas to make your space look larger

From smart storage solutions to visual elements that make a space seem larger, learn how to make the most of your small Indian home with these 17 interior design ideas. These ideas will make your home look spacious and chic.


1) Light colors

To make a space appear larger, use light colored paint like white or cream since they make a space appear larger. Darker hues make a space appear small.

2) Curtain or wooden dividers

Sheer curtains or wooden dividers are a great way to divide or demarcate spaces in small Indian homes. For example, this is a great way to divide the living room and dining room.

3) Storage space under the stairs

A great place to store things but is often overlooked is under the stairs. You can make cupboards or add shelves under the stairs. If you are really creating you can also turn it into a mini bar as well.

4) Add mirrors

One of the easiest way to make a space look larger is by adding mirrors. Mirrors not only make a space look larger but it also brightens up the space.

Adding Mirrors to a smaller space gives a bigger perspective of the same | ZXI Interior Decoration LLC

5) Stair drawers

Another easy way to make the most of a small space is to make drawers in your staircase! Clever, right? You’ll be able to store a lot of things in this unlikely storage space.

6) Fold down table

This is a table that you can fold and push up on the wall when not in use. It is great for bedrooms or dining tables where you can keep it folded up when not in use.

ZXI Interior Decoration LLC | Fold Down table

7) Window blinds that double as a rack

Window blinds that double as a rack is another great way to save space. When not in use it can be a window blind otherwise you can use it as a rack to hang your clothes.

8) Wall bed and sofa

This is a great invention that can be used as bed when pulled out or can be used as a sofa while folded. When the bed is not in use you flip it up and it goes up because of the hydraulic system making it super easy.

ZXI Interior Decoration LLC |  Sofa cum Bed

9) Hang your draperies or curtains as high as possible

Another easy hack to make your room appear larger and ceilings higher is by hanging your drapes really close to the ceiling. Also, hang your curtain rods at least 4 inches on both sides of the window so that the window appears wider and lets in more light.

10) Furniture with built in storage

Furniture with built-in storage is a huge boon for small spaces as it serves multiple purposes. For example, a bed with built in storage below or a couch with built in storage is great for small homes.

Furniture with Built In storage | ZXI Interior Decoration LLC

11) Add shelves to your walls

When space is a constraint, make your walls work overtime for you, by adding multiple shelves in various rooms. You can add shelves in your bedroom or kitchen and they can add aesthetic appeal and be functional at the same time. You can paint them in bright colors, buy ready made shelves or get them tailor made to suit your space.

12) Create lots of storage space in the kitchen with shelves and hooks

Maximize space in the kitchen by installing wall mounted shelves, adding hooks to hang towels and pots.

ZXI Interior Decoration LLC | Kitchen Shelves

13) Maximize space in the laundry room

You can increase the space in the laundry room by investing in a front loading washing machine so that you can fit the washing machine underneath the counter and utilize the counter for work.

14) Painting/ Mirror that doubles as storage for trinkets, jewellery and keys

This is super cool invention where you have storage space behind the painting. So, it not only looks good but is also functional. You can use the storage space to hang keys, jewellery and other small trinkets.

15) Ironing board that doubles as a mirror

An ironing board that doubles as a mirror when not is use is absolutely fabulous. It is a great space saving invention.

16) Bathroom storage

Don’t have enough space in your bathroom? Get narrow wall shelves to store your bathroom essentials in a stylish way. Get aesthetically appealing canisters to store your cotton swabs and other toiletries. You can also get wicker baskets for additional storage.

17) Stacked chairs and table

Stacked chairs and tables are some of the best space-saving furniture that you can find. Some of these furniture’s not only stack beautifully but they also form stunning shapes when stacked so that they add aesthetic appeal to the room when not in use.

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